What is ManaGudi?

ManaGudi is a platform for enabling digital temples. ManaGudi provides all the technical resources required for template management/trusts to digitise their devotee outreach including web presence, online donation collections and online seva bookings.

Why is ManaGudi Required?

There are lakhs of temples in India,mostly ancient, but only a few were discovered and taken care of their well being. Digital presence makes temples discoverable, attract devotees and help in development and increase the temple popularity.

How will ManaGudi Help Temples?

ManaGudi helps by creating temple's website for free and help improve temples visibility on internet and inturn help devotee know about the temple.

How will a website help temples?

A website will help the temple to let devotees know more the temple, temple history and God's popularity. Help devotees plan their visit by providing temple timings and place history.

What else will ManaGudi provide temples?

For verified temples, ManaGudi will also help enable online booking and e-donation collection from the website. ManaGudi will also help the management update temples website with special pooja/event details and also live stream utsavams/events.

How much will ManaGudi charge?

ManaGudi will not charge anything from temples for developing/hosting/updating the website under ManaGudi owned domain.Temples will only pay for the domain name if they want a stand alone domain name.

ManaGudi Offerings

Web Enablement

Web development,Content Management and Hosting

E-Donation Collection

Enable collection of e-donations from website

Online Booking Management

Online seva booking and ticketing management

Live Streaming

Hardware and software required for utsavams/events live streaming on website and Social Media

Devotee Engagement

SMS and Email marketing for Devotee engagement

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